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How to play PC Games on your Mac?

December 29, 2013

Mac by Apple Inc is one of the most reliable personal computers available in the market. However there is one issue that plagues the users of Mac which is its inability to play games. Many games that are released are for Microsoft Windows and not for Mac operating softwares. But there is still a way through which you can play your favourite games on your Mac by following the guidelines in this course of writing.

First thing that you should do is check whether your Mac has Intel technology. Macs that are Intel based are known to be better suited to run PC games. You can find out whether your Mac has Intel technology or not by going to the Apple Icon that is found on the left hand side on the upper part of the screen. Here you will find out whether you have Intel based Mac or a Power PC. Once you determine this you can proceed to the next step.

Next you will have to download a program known as Bootcamp which helps you to run Windows on your Mac should it be based on Intel Technology. Through Bootcamp or similar program you will be able to install Windows on your Mac. Consider using Windows 7 since it is compatible with PC games. When you have completed your setup you will find that once you start your Mac you can choose between the Windows you installed and the Mac OSX. If you can find Bootcamp you should try to go to different websites about technology and softwares that have different reviews on different softwares which you can use.

Once you choose Windows you will be able to play any game that has been made for the personal computers. You can run the setup that will allow you to install the game smoothly.

It should be stated here that when you go gaming on Mac it is better that you should try other brands. There are gaming computers available like Razor and Alien which you can use to play games. However if you are looking for multipurpose computer it is important that you should go for a different PC other than Mac. Mac is not made for gaming and therefore it is best that you rely on other brands of personal computer.

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